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Specialists in Supply of High Quality Auto-Parts, Fashion Products, Machinery and Custom Products.

Why Choose Us?

We supply high quality products at a lower cost.

We have a user friendly online shopping platform.

We have safe paypal,debit and credit cards payments methods.

We offer lower shipping rates worldwide.

Our customer support service is top-notch and you can just talk to us anytime.

We have employed friendly and highly qualified staff to help our clients with any inquiry.

We also offer money back guarantee on any product we supply.

We have partnered with local and international experts in the field of supply chain management.

Our customer base amount to more than 672164 individuals and retailers, including those that received our free giveaways.

...the world is a better place with genuine products and services.

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About Us

Big S.M.M & Van H.T

Founder-CEO & Shipping Agent

We are specialists in supply of high quality auto-parts, fashion, indoors, outdoors and custom products.


Botswana, Gaborone, Block 7, Plot 59716

Tshwarangkathata RD

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